Andrew Dalgleish


I’m a Software Craftsman. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and have lived in Chicago (2004), Dallas, Texas (2005) and currently live in San Francisco, California!

My first computer was an Apple II+ which my dad purchased as a "kit" computers (the last model that Apple produced with this option). We had a dot matrix printer and a colour television for a monitor. That computer was like a window into another world for me - programs like Logo & Rocky’s Boots opened up my mind to using the computer as a tool to solve problems.

In 1998, I started at the University of Toronto, where I studied computer science, and also took a lot of philosophy courses.

In 2008, I convinced the wonderfully talented Jenni Leder to marry me. She’s got her own little blog for you designer-types. We also maintain a blog together at

In my spare time I try to get outside, mostly camping, hiking, hockey, the occasional triathalon race, hack-a-thons and alternative conferences.

Whats with this site?

It’s a work in progress!

Actually, I've had a few blogs in the past, but my theme for this site is "stream of conscious".

  • In the backend, I am gathering data from all my social networks, via APIs.
  • On the front-end, I’m trying to visualize all this data - sort of like a dashboard, but where you can zoom in and out in time, space & context.

But there is a blog. I plan on writing longer posts and keeping them up-to-date or adding to them rather than letting them languish. I love playing with technology, so I write mostly about that, but I try to mixin other aspects of my life experiences.